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Video Logging Solutions

Entertainment Summaries and Verbatim Transcripts offered for video production houses. Creation of accurate metadata/transcripts helps with efficient editing process as well as enabling search and even subtitle generation for the assets.

Digital Nirvana makes the process easier by providing the content owners the ability to process this data automatically over cloud with various quality levels and return the text to the workflow automatically, reducing workflow challenges and manual intervention.

In order to support users on AVID platform looking for video logging solutions, Digital Nirvana created a plug-in enabling creation of logs, description or transcript outside AVID Media Central and ingest accurately and automatically with the asset.

The integration helps customers who use AVID for media management to process logs or metadata or even complete transcripts using Digital Nirvana's automated systems and automatically ingest the same along with the markers into AVID Interplay. Creation of accurate metadata/transcripts help with efficient editing process as well as enabling search and even subtitle generation for the assets.

How it works

Digital Nirvana deploys highly qualified staff to manually review each and every audio and video broadcast while logging keywords for relevant segments. Logging includes watching the entire content and making log notes containing information regarding the video like date, time, location and other metadata helping editors choose required shots in a video.

These keywords can then be uploaded into internal databases and search engines. Our team ensures that the metadata is frame-accurate helping you find the exact clip you need, regardless of the amount of content you're searching through.

The Digital Nirvana Advantage

Streamlined Workflow
  • With over 20 years of media experience, our reliable, cost effective services are powered by an experienced work force that provides frame accurate logging/metadata helping you enrich your footages.
Compliance with FCC regulations
  • Our logging services are in compliance with FCC regulations (Section 508) governing television broadcast stations and subscription services and help in archiving you video footage.
Reduced Costs
  • Digital Nirvana's automated processes help drive efficiency to help increase productivity and complete all projects much faster at reduced costs helping you navigate large-volumes of generated videos with ease.
Easy Collaboration
  • Customers can use our logging service via online ordering and tracking, and receive rapid turnaround of accurate, high-quality keyword logs.
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  • For any queries, feel free to contact us at Customer Support.

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Digital Nirvana's expertise in video logging services is utilized by major video production houses to improve the efficiency of video editing from large amount of footages, retain searchable video content, and even used for script writing and subtitling. The ability to provide integratable solutions to customer's media management platforms and the capacity to deliver tailor-made outputs make us the preferred partner for our customers.