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Transcription Solutions

Communications via meetings, conferences and seminars help organizations improve their efficiency and decision making process. Hence it's important to record detailed information of such communication through professional transcription services for further research and analysis. Transcription services play a vital role in most businesses like corporates, media firms, academic institutions, financial firms, law firms etc. helping them preserve their documents for future use.

This coupled with the ability to handle large volumes via cloud-based, API-based transactions that is integratable with the customer's existing workflow makes Digital Nirvana the preferred partner for our customers.

Automated Transcription Services

At Digital Nirvana, we use technology to leverage faster turnaround requirements and provide near-live preliminary automated transcripts. Transcripts can be streamed directly to the customer's existing workflow or delivered as one whole post processing in 1-1.5x the duration.

High Quality Transcription Services

Digital Nirvana is the leading provider of premium quality transcriptions of audio and video recordings to meet all your business needs. Our skilled and well trained transcriptionists handle all your transcription requirements helping you save time and money and focus on core business functions. We provide timely and reliable tailor-made solutions with our efficient automated workflow. Our team ensures that all your transcripts are proofread to achieve highest levels of accuracy. We help you transcribe all digital voice, audio and video file formats, DVD, MP3, MP4, CD and WAV files.

Some of the arenas we cover in our digital transcription services include:

  • General Events — Includes Conference Calls, Corporate Seminars, Educational Forums, Workshop Proceedings, Press Briefings, Meetings
  • Business and Financial — Includes Investors Meetings, Conference Calls, Teleconferences, Product Launch Meets, Financial Reports
  • Media Related — Documentaries, Talk Shows, Interviews and a lot more
  • Law Firms — Includes legal reports, arbitration & court transcriptions etc.
  • Educational — Includes content from research, thesis, seminars, lectures
  • Political and Government Liaisons — Meetings, Hearings etc.

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A unique delivery model which integrates business processes, people at different locations and with multiple skill sets, into a unified operational model. This coupled with technological expertise with Media content helps us consistently deliver solutions with emphasis on quality, efficiency and reduced risk of delivery. With 20+ years of experience in delivering transcription services, we accommodate all types of audio/video content, turnaround requests starting from near-live, quality requirements ranging from automated to high quality, and multiple output formats including the ones that can be integrated directly to the customer's workflow.

The Digital Nirvana Advantage

  • Accurate Transcriptions

    We offer highly accurate transcripts in the customer's preferred format with premium quality. Our transcriptionists will ensure that all transcriptions meet the highest quality standards and undergo stringent, multi-step quality checks to deliver exceptional quality of transcripts meeting industry standards.

  • Streamlined Workflow

    Our experienced team leverages our advanced technology to deliver quality results even in challenging conditions like poor audio quality, difficult content and so on. We also provide near-live automated transcriptions for important events. Our transcription service is backed by finely tuned operations to ensure the highest degree of transcription efficiency.

  • Time-bound delivery

    We understand that your transcription needs are unique and our team of experienced transcriptionists will offer quick turnaround time at competitive prices ensuring a seamless transcription experience.

Transcript Formats

We offer all standard transcript formats including plain text, XML and Word doc. We also provide time-coded text/xml and can also build custom formats.

Customer Support

At Digital Nirvana, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.
We offer 24*7 customer support services to ensure all your queries are addressed.