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We deliver the whole suite of media-related services for customer requirements including captioning, subtitling, transcription, video logging, metadata creation, summary writing. Our capability of handling large volumes, faster turnarounds, and quality output is backed by automation and state-of-the art workflow that can be easily integrated.

Our goal is to make all your media content more accessible and reachable than ever!

Leveraging the capabilities of our customizable API and internally-designed workflow, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet requirements of each customer. Our turnaround is precise and accuracy rate is high irrespective of the type of content, be it sports, news, educational, music or medical. It also helps that our automated QC system performs continuous monitoring of accuracy, matching, and alignment and identifies errors helping us achieve regulatory compliance for our customers!.

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  • Closed Caption Solutions

    Combination of state-of-the-art technology and team of expert captioners fulfilling video captioning requirements with benefits of smart automated workflow to deliver high-quality captions. Real-time fingerprinting of source and near-live caption synchronization for IP delivery.

  • Transcription Solutions

    We deliver accurate and reliable transcription of audio and video recordings from events from an array of industries including media events, TV interviews, talk shows, interviews, meetings, conferences, legal proceedings, college lectures etc.

  • Automated Transcription

    The revolutionary automated system provides real-time streaming transcription for live events which enables customers to provide a textual representation along with audio/video streaming. The API-based delivery and integration capabilities provides the ability to integrate directly to the customer's existing workflow.

  • Video Logging/Metadata Solutions

    Expert solutions for video logging, metadata, and summary creation for the video content that enable discoverability of content as well as improving efficiency for video editors. The ability to provide tailor-made solutions to customers for seamless integration with existing workflow makes us the preferred partner for our customers.