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Closed Caption Solutions

It's estimated that around 95 million Americans rely on closed captioning when they view programs. These include hearing impaired, those learning English as a second language, adults trying to improve their literary skills and children learning to read. This is where closed captioning comes to your rescue. Furthermore, the FCC mandates almost all programs that are broadcast to be closed captioned.

With the wide reach of the internet, it's vital to make sure you reach a wider audience. With closed captions and subtitles, your videos can break both the linguistic barrier and engage a wider range of audiences who would otherwise find it difficult to comprehend them.

What We Offer

Founded in 1996, DN has been providing knowledge solutions and services for international customers for the last two decades. With solutions, products and services, our expertise is in the area of Media. Our services portfolio include closed captioning, caption synchronization, Caption conversion for IP delivery, metadata for media assets, summary generation, transcription and a lot more.

Digital Nirvana's internally-designed, enterprise-level workflow enables effective and efficient captioning. We offer post-production Pop-on and Roll-up captioning alongside subtitling and caption synchronization. Our automated processes ensure efficient and accurate closed captioning services, which are cost-effective without any compromise on quality. The flexible API helps set up customized workflows and customers can submit specific job requests, upload media files, preview and export transcript and caption files.

Broadcasters and video content providers often come across unsychronized captions or lost captions while extracting clips for IP delivery and requiring reprocessing captions for the same. Digital Nirvana's revolutionary workflow helps capture live footages, fingerprint the same, synchronize captions within the video clips and deliver in near live back to the customer in order to avoid delays in getting the content over to the Internet portals.

For sports and news clips with 12-hour window for captioning on web, our services also offer proofreading/editing the live captions for high accuracy.

Digital Nirvana's Caption services offering also comes with flexible turnaround, accurate captions even on difficult content, accurate placement and synchronization of captions, expertise on multiple sectors and the ability to provide multiple output formats and convert formats.

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Cloud-based closed captioning of post-production content for broadcast and online delivery with wider coverage including pre-recorded TV shows, online video clips, streaming videos, sports, news, corporate sessions, lectures, events, and house of worship videos. The combination of automated speech-to-text that leverages machine learning and experienced captioners help deliver accurate and compliant cap ons efficiently.

Service capable of creating pop-on or roll-up cap ons, multiple format outputs, encoding with various turnaround op ons. The simple and secure REST API-based data transaction can be easily integrated into the customer's existing workflow.