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Automated Transcription

Transcribe Now's Intelligent Speech-to-Text Simplifies Transcription

With the introduction of Transcribe Now's automated transcription service, we are scaling new highs in the industry. Our customers now have the luxury of streaming transcripts of the audio files right on to their live work flow seamlessly. It is also possible for our customers to access a highly accurate edited version of the transcripts at a later point as per their turnaround requirement starting from 2 x the duration.

Training the Machine

Our STT is advancing at a rocket pace with machine learning through massive amounts of acoustic and language data being automatically absorbed from our operations workflow. The machine is fed continuously with the changes made to initial output to comprehend the patterns.

Automated Transcript Quality

Our automated transcript quality would vary based on the quality of your audio input. On high-quality, no-noise and structured speech programs, our automated system can hit accuracy as good as 96%.

Hybrid Transcription Process for Highest Quality Output

Digital Nirvana's hybrid transcription process is integrated with real-time manual proofreading and editing over the automated transcripts for highest quality at near-live turnaround.

We Offer to Transcribe

  • Corporate Conference Calls
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Educational Forums
  • Workshop Proceedings
  • Press Briefings
  • Meetings
  • Product Launch Meets
  • Financial Reporting
  • Lectures

Talk to us for any other specific requirement.

How to Get Started?

Ad-hoc users can upload their audio files and receive machine-generated digitally usable and searchable text content through our cloud-based service.

For high-volume requirements, we acquire assets from the customers directly or access it over any source of customer's preference and deliver the processed text over API to customers. The text can be integrated directly to any existing workflow for post-processing or can be integrated for Internet delivery.

To know more about our automated transcription service, please get in touch with us; our experts would be happy to take you through our simple registration and trial process.

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Revolutionary automated transcription process embedded within the workflow to accommodate both large volume and ad-hoc requests designed and trained to specific customer domains. Coupled with the ability to capture live audio/video streams and stream the text back to customers in near-live time frame keeps us ahead of competition.